Live Blog – Irish Pro Invitational

Live blog for updates from the Irish Pro Invitational. Powerlift Media will be covering Naomi Sheppard as she competes in the competition.

  • Ladies Comp Finished

    Naomi wins by the smallest of margin on points over Denise. An incredible battle between the two. Denise does two PB’sto take everything to the final lift of the day in the ladies competition.

    Naomi takes the winners spoils with Denise the slimmest of seconds. What a superb competition between two supreme athletes. This is what pro competitions are all about.

  • Bench Press Complete

    Ladies bench press competition complete. Naomi and Denise got three white lights for 125kg. They both went for 127.5kg and just failed. It’s close between the two girls.

    The men’s bench press has just started.

  • Images – Naomi – First Squat Lift

    First squat lift for Naomi in the competition.

  • Live Stream

    Just a note that you can watch the competition live stream on Instagram. Account is Irish pro invitational.

  • Squat Competition Done

    Naomi’s last lift was 245kg for 67kg body weight. Superb performance and took the Irish Pro record. Denise then lifted 247kg to break the record. Fantastic lifting from both ladies.

    The Iron Worx gym team also had some great lifts with top class and gritty performances.

  • Ladies Squat Comp

    Two rounds down for ladies squat and Naomi and Denise are battling it out. Superb squats and big weights from these two. Last round to come

  • Here We Go

    Up early and off to the venue. Massive day ahead. Really looking forward to the event and huge good luck to all the lifters.

  • Brunch

    So with weigh in complete, we had brunch with a few of the ladies competing tomorrow. Lovely people and great to get to know them.

    Rest now for Naomi back at the hotel.

  • Weigh In Complete

    Naomi has completed weighing in. The venue is superb. Met some of the other lifters. In fact we have just had breakfast with some the girls who are lifting tomorrow. Fantastic to meet them.

  • Weigh In

    Weigh in day. At the venue for 10am ready for Naomi to weigh in. Fabulous gym and it’s a great setting for a competition.

    Very excited and really looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Wow, amazing result, and achievement. Would have been fantastic anyway but in light of the prep challenges that is amazing. Well done Naomi, and thanks Mark for the updates!

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