I am Naomi Sheppard


Hi everyone

I just wanted to put together a little intro to myself and my powerlifting journey so far.

I have been lifting for about 11 years and competing in powerlifting for just over 6 years. During this time I have done many international events and one pro event. I have my second pro event this coming weekend. The irish pro. However my intention next year is to finally get back across to the USA and take part in the professional powerlifiting championships (PPC) which starts with the Kern US Open on San Diego California, in April.

Competing at a pro level in powerlifting was always my dream and I now get to live that. I absolutely love the sport. I live and breathe the sport.

My other role is as a coach. I have a long standing background in strength and conditioning which I started whilst obtaining my BSc(Hons) degree in Biochemisty from the University of St Andrews. Over the last decade I have learnt as much as I can and having a scientific background this has helped immensely. I love coaching and I love helping others achieve their goals.

Along with my own personal goals. As a coach and an athlete I want to change the way powerlifting is viewed as a sport. There are already huge strides in the fitness industry and lifting in general has become much more popular over the last few years, especially with women. Which is exciting.

I am lucky enough that I get to do all of this with my best friend, my husband coach and business Partner Tom. He supports absolutely everything I do and I would not have achieved the accomplishments I have today without him.

So bringing it all back to my journey as an athlete. I am currently ranked the UKs number one best powerlifter lb for lb of all time. It also ranks me #29 in the world. But I want to be top ten. Within my own weight category and gender I am ranked #6 but I want to be #1. I have even more specific goals of numbers I want to hit short and long term but I’ll leave that for another time.

I hope to go a bit deeper into what it takes to compete at the level I do over these blog posts and just my general Day to day life.

I’ll finish with a few random facts about myself. I have a very large family whom I love (9siblings&15 neices/nephews). I have been married to Tom for 7 years now. We have two miniature daschunds Macy and Merlin. I worked as a Biochemist for several years before becoming a full time coach.

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  1. Great post Naomi, thanks for sharing. Having that scientific background must be such an advantage to understanding the intricacies of it all! Those are some phenomenal stats in terms of rankings, and I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and watch you achieve your goals and attain your desires.

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