Images- Total Dedication

These images are perhaps some of the best images I have taken which demonstrates just total dedication to lifting. Naomi Sheppard has exploded into the lifting pro competition arena. She won the recent 2022 Ghost […]

Image Gallery

Image Gallery – Naomi Sheppard Prep

Naomi recently invited Powerlift Media to photograph her during her preparation for the US Pro competition ‘The Ghost Clash’. This competition would start the journey for Naomi to competing in the Kern towards the end […]


Images- Contemplation

I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland with @naomi.phoenixperformance and @phoenixperformancetraining to cover the @irish_pro_invitational event for Naomi as she competed in the competition. It was a superb experience and I saw first hand the highs, lows, dedication and grit […]