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Powerlift Media is designed as a media driven site and concept which does not just showcase videos and photos that we take of events, lifters and competitions. It’s about giving the Powerlifting community an area that it can contribute too. Talk about what they are doing, what they are striving for and to host the content to both promote themselves and reach a wider audience. To this effect powerlift Media has a number of blog columns from across the sport.

There is a blog from photographer, Mark Sims to highlight his journey into the world of powerlifting and media. The site also runs blogs for two respected and well known powerlifters, the husband and wife team of Tom & Naomi Sheppard. Have a read of what they are up to and what projects they are working on.

Owen Crisp takes you through his training and his goals for powerlifting. Stephen Fraher competes in powerlifting but also Strong Man, follow his journey. Jet Nijjar Of Team Phoenix Performance also has his powerlifting journey.

If you fancy having your blog on Powerlifting Media, just get in touch through the contact page.

Mark Sims

Read Mark’s blog as he photographs and videos the sport of powerlifting.

Tom Sheppard

Read Tom’s blog as he trains, competes and coaches.

Naomi Sheppard

Read Naomi’s blog as she trains and competes at some of the highest levels of the sport of powerlifting

Owen Crisp

Read Owens’s blog as he trains and competes in Uk powerlifting competitions.

Natasha Nathani

Read Tasha’s blog as she trains and competes in Uk powerlifting competitions.

Stephen Fraher

Read Stephens’s blog as he trains and competes in both Strong Man and powerlifting competitions.

Chris Simpson

Read Chris’s blog as he trains and competes in Uk powerlifting competitions.

Nalae Yang

Nalae, based in Canada and wife to Mike Carrie is a powerlifter. Read her blog as she writes about her training.

Mike Carrie

Mike is based in Canada, married to fellow Powerlift Media blogger Nalae Yang and is a body builder. Read about his training.