Journey to irish pro

Aka hardest prep I have ever done.

I went straight from my last competition (May) into prepping for the irish pro. Training was going amazing and I was making huge improvements.

However, about 2 months ago I went almost three weeks without medication for my condition. I suffer from something called Hashimotos, an auto immune disease of the thyroid. I take two medications for it and the more important one was in short supply and the hospital couldn’t get it to me. A combination of covid/brexit problems. Even with the adjustments to training, my recovery was shot. I wasn’t recovering from my training efficiently and this then lead to a tear in my Quadratus Lumborum, however luckily fairly minor.

It took about a month to fully recover but I carried on training and adjusted based on what I could and couldn’t do.

Then I got Covid. And unfortunately it hit me pretty hard. But the worst thing was it lead to a lot of nerve compression in my lower spine. So at two weeks out from the irish pro I’m struggling to walk let alone lift. However having suffered from a back issue 2 years ago I know what works for me.

Countless Reverse hypers, knee raises, massages, dry needling, cupping. Even walking in the pool everyday. But alas a week later I could lift again.

At this point writing it out it sounds crazy that I am even competing in only two days time. This is not a ‘woe is me’ sob story. And I am not expecting any sympathy from anyone. It’s just a string on unfortunate events that have pushed my mental ability to its maximum. Don’t get my wrong there are times I have questioned everything.

But all I need to remember is why I do it in the first place. I love lifting and I love competing. If anything this is just consolidated further by going through extra barriers that come your way. There will always be barriers. Everyone has their own. I’m just choosing to talk about mine openly.

So why still do the irish pro? Well its a great opportunity to lift alongside other great athletes, in a different ‘pro’ environment that I definitely want more experience in. I will learn regardless of what I achieve. There’s still a small chance I will have a wonderful day personally and that’s enough for me. I have been lucky enough to improve every competition after competition but at this point maintaining this level of strength is an achievement enough. Doesn’t mean I’m not hungry for more though. But this is only one competition in my journey and definitely not my last.

I am writing this from the car whilst only just arriving into Ireland, on our way to the hotel. I have Tom with me of course and we are joined by Mark. Whom you obviously all know. The man himself behind Powerlift Media. I am very lucky that he will be documenting my competition in photos and videos which I’m sure will be amazing.

Regardless of the ups and downs I have worked damn hard throughout so I know I have done everything in my control to do the absolute best I can.

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  1. Another cracking post Naomi. My favourite parts were that you focused on what you could do after your injury – rather than mourning what you couldn’t. And then the grit to cone through Covid and still compete, so much respect for that. Have you come across a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck before? ‘I will learn regardless of what I achieve’ captures the growth mindset perfectly. And if we are learning then we are winning. Wishing you every success this weekend.

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