Week 2 recap

What’s your process for identifying your unknown unknowns? Never come across the concept before? The following should help to articulate it: Since taking on a coach I have started to move several areas into the […]


Images- Contemplation

I had the opportunity to travel to Ireland with @naomi.phoenixperformance and @phoenixperformancetraining to cover the @irish_pro_invitational event for Naomi as she competed in the competition. It was a superb experience and I saw first hand the highs, lows, dedication and grit […]


Images – Focus

Two images here of Sam and Imogen from the Phoenix Performance powerlifting team taken during Day 2 of the A/WPC European Championships. This was the first big competition for both ladies and whilst they were […]


Images – Determination

One of my favourite images from the A/WPC European Championships. Sibby @fitclubofficial__ from the Phoenix Performance powerlifting team on the push back up from his squat. He had a tremendous competition and took his world […]