Week 2 recap

What’s your process for identifying your unknown unknowns?

Never come across the concept before? The following should help to articulate it:

Since taking on a coach I have started to move several areas into the conscious incompetence phase.

Take my bench press for example:

For years I’ve been going with the cue ‘the bar should come to your solar plexus’. What this led to for me was flared elbows and cocked wrists. However, Tom has now identified that, and actually, for my proportions, I need to focus on bringing the bar down lower, to ensure alignment between elbows wrists and knuckles – looking to get everything stacked.

As I am having to unlearn the old ways this doesn’t come naturally, and so I am still consciously incompetent, but I’m on a learning journey towards automating that skill. Who knows how long it will take? But at least I know I’ll get there.

So, where are you at risk of having unconscious incompetencies? And what’s your plan for identifying them in order to start the journey to fix them?

Lift well,