End of week 7 – persistence triumphs

My daughter is learning to walk at the moment. Sometimes she’s great, sometimes she falls, hurts herself and is upset. But she picks herself up and gets on with it. Like all of us when it comes to walking, she’ll practice until she’s perfect.

I’m ever finding that powerlifting is a game of fine margins. Some weeks, or even sessions within weeks, everything is great. Effortless.

Some sessions everything’s hard. Nothing is moving right. Those weights that were effortless last week take all of my mental strength. An extra 2.5kg extra can make it impossible.

But, like my little girl, I continually need to recognise that it may be hard, but when things don’t go your way you need to get back up, dust yourself off and keep practicing.

Even if all you achieve is that you may not go as far backwards as you would if you hadn’t trained then take that as your victory.

If you watched my daughter walk based on individual session efforts sometimes you’d think she was great, sometimes you wouldn’t. But when you take a longer term view you can see that over time progress is being made, slowly and steadily.

Powerlifting is a game of fine margins, and I need to continually remind myself to take a long term view, and sometimes to step back and appreciate the progress from a long term perspective.

Lift well,