End of week 8 – changes of direction

I knew Thursday morning wasn’t going to be good. I unracked 40kg for my first squat warm up set and it felt heavy. That didn’t change for the next couple. Four reps into my first working set (90kg for 10) and I knew I wouldn’t get to ten if I kept going. I racked the weight and re-assessed my plans.

I had trained the day before. I hadn’t slept well. My diabetes wasn’t on point. Three big reasons as to why I may have felt like that. But that didn’t change anything.

I quickly reshaped my plans. Switch to do accessory day today, rest tomorrow and train Saturday morning. Not ideal as I was going away on Saturday, but that’s what I had to work with.

I got through everything last week – three sessions of the main lifts and one accessory day, but not in the order I would have chosen.

I also had to do some thinking about next year’s competitions last weekend too. My plan was to move up to u75, if I could qualify for Brits, with a view to competing at World’s too, as it’s in the UK. However, last weekend I looked for the qualifying total for my class for Brits, and at 460 for u75 I think it’s going to be too much of a stretch to get there.

So I resolved to compete at u67.5, as the 435 total for that class should be manageable.

Tom, my coach, sought to dissuade me. I’m too skinny (first time I’ve ever been told that) and to be the best powerlifter I can be I need to add some muscle mass and compete at u75 at least.

That’s when the internal debate began. What is my aim? Short term experience or being the best I can be long term? Ultimately, there was only one winner.

So I’ll go into Rotherham in February competing at u75. I’ll try my darnedest but if I don’t qualify for Brits and World’s next year I’ll certainly be better prepared for them next time around.

I’ve changed the route. I’ve changed what the short term gratification of my ego would have me do. But I haven’t changed the ultimate goal of seeking to be the best powerlifter I can be. I need to make sure I’m prioritising the long term.

Is there anything where you need to change the route in your lifting in order to hit your ultimate desired destination?

Lift well,