Video – A/WPC Euros – Sandra Coombes

Sandra Coombes is part of the Phoenix Performance powerlifting team and has been competing in competitions for a few years. Sandra is 72 years young and at the European Championship she took a masters world record for this deadlift, 102.5kg.

I shot the video from the head of the room just to the side of the officials main table. I wanted to get Sandra relatively small in the frame and get her placed on the platform with the crowd and the setting of the room. I know the support from the audience, officials, loaders, spotters, referees and other competitors would be massive. They didn’t disappoint!

Watch the video a couple of times and look around the crowd and the reaction they give. Fantastic stuff.

And finally tremendous congratulations to Sandra on a stunning performance.

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  1. Tremendous video Mark, and a fantastic performance from Sandra. I’ve been sharing this around as testament to what an amazing community powerlifting has, long may it continue!

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