2021 European Championships reaction

Whilst the focus was there the results weren’t what I wanted – this time

The video above documents my thoughts around my performance at the 2021 ABPU European Championships. I could have talked for hours but limited myself to three positives and three areas of improvement:


The people – so thankful for all of the amazing support I received – the powerlifting community is amazing!

I got through it – I could quite easily have bombed but I made it through.

My PB on the deadlift – over the moon and there was more in the tank.

Improvement areas:

Don’t pig out the night before and ruin myself diabetes wise.

Don’t change what I do day in day out in training to try and nick an extra ounce of strength – nearly cost me the comp.

I’m probably at the stage where I need a coach now, so one to think about over the next couple of weeks. Update: I’ve now found my coach and will be working with Tom Sheppard from Phoenix Performance – he and the team were such a massive help on the day and I can’t wait to get started.


In conclusion, a great lesson in duality – I feel disappointed and elated in equal measure. I learned so much from the two days, and there is so much more to come from me.