Hey there! Owen here…

Owen Crisp

Hey guys! Just a quick intro from myself:

My name is Owen, I’m 22, and study a masters degree in business development and entrepeurship at Leeds Beckett University. By profession, I am also a fully qualified personal trainer; specialising in powerlifting and strength training. Strength fascinates me, and I am a true believer that seeing someone reach the final 5% of their physical capacity is a huge privelege and something that only a few people get to witness.

A far as powerlifting goes, I am an active competitor. I compete in the junior raw 75KG category within the British Powerlifting Union, with my best lifts in competition being 122.5/85/172.5KG. I am unappologetically passionate about this, and something I give 100% effort to everytime. I am by no means the strongest person; however I am the strongest I can be and will only continue to push my own boundaries of my own physical capabilities in this crazy test of mental and physical strength.

Looking forward to documenting it all, providing an insight of the kinda things that go into my own training as well as providing some educational content too to help shead some light on this relatively niche sport. Thanks for reading!

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  1. ‘I am the strongest I can be’ is the key line in there for me – as long as you’re growing and giving it your all, then you’re winning.

    Hopefully we’ll get a chance to chat properly tomorrow.

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