In The Zone

In the past, I have competed in Tae Kwon Do both at the national level and in the CISM (Confederation International Sport Militaire). I was able to experience and even win some fairly big events in the sport. I trained for many years leading up to some events. See the feeling of the competition for me is like an addiction. I loved the process of preparing for a fight. It’s tough but it’s rewarding. And I love the level of dedication you need to be good at something. And I’m pretty familiar with the moment before a competition: when your heart rate elevates by visualizing the event. Your adrenaline shoots up. But with experience, you can bring down the heart rate and tune in to just the right amount of adrenaline. When you are in that zone, you are able to think clearly while being more alert. I’d imagine that it’d be the same for my first powerlifting or Olympic lifting competition. In fact, I’d expect that in any anaerobic sports competition, I will most likely tune in the same way I did with Tae Kwon Do.

How does everyone else tune in for the competition? Comment below.

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  1. That control of the adrenaline is something I’m really focused on, I need to remember that a minute on the platform is actually a long time! Looking forward to seeing how others do it.

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